Game On!

Game on! A call to start. A call to be ready. A call to reconnect and get serious. A call to refocus. A video?

The sporting expression many times is used in life by one to show another that now things are serious. Another expression, “Bring it on!” has some similar meanings. Let’s start and let’s win! It’s time to get the game on.

In season four of the hit web serious “The Guild,” the expression is used in the “let’s play” context to get Codex to get on-line and play. What follows is an addictive Bollywood style sing-along, complete with elephant. It showcases some of the other talents of the cast and is a favorite among the show’s fans. It is great fun.

Lead to get started in your business, having the “Game On!” attitude will lead to success. It is a never quit, always persevere notion. It is rare that games are won on the first play, same with business. Leaders rise to the top through their own sweat and tears. It is the never stopping that brings results, regardless of showing weakness.

Keep moving. Keep pressing on toward you goals. Get it done and push forward. Don’t worry about cracks and go around obstacles. The idea is to be unbreakable, not perfect, not insincere, not giving up.