Why am I here?

Why am I here? For that matter, why is anyone here? Why be in a business of your own? Why start? Why leave a job that is secure? Why take the chance?

The “why” is one of the first questions one must answer when getting into business. When first asked, many will answer with “to make more money” or “to have more time” or “control my own destiny.” Nice back of the milk carton answers, but they are not deep enough. Think deeper. Get a why you can see before you. Get an image that burns in your  mind so deeply that nothing will get in your way.

Your “why” becomes your passion. It becomes something that will attract others to you. It becomes the reason they want to join you. It becomes the power that enables them to reach their “why”. It is the seed that becomes contagious. It grows throughout your group to overcome all adversity. It becomes the over reaching goal that WILL be obtained.

Find your “why”. It is yours. It is no one else’s. It is passion. It is the start of your brand.