Searching For A Home Business Opportunity

In my more personal blog, I present this exercise as a searcher looking for a home based business opportunity. Now to do this from the marketer perspective. After all, if you do not choose your keywords properly, either your site will get no traffic or it will get the wrong type of traffic. Having 5,000 hits a day from visitors who leave as soon as the page loads is not going to get it done.

Looking for key words starts with the Google Adword tool. Entering the term “Home Business” seems promising with 1,000,000 global monthly searches! Awesome! Let’s see how many results that returns. Click the link and look. Oh, 1,290,000,000 results. That’s one freakingly long list. A long keyword is going to be needed.

The offering is for an opportunity, so what about adding that to the term and search for “Home Business Opportunity”? Global searches amounts to 60,500. That ain’t bad, but what about the search results? 170 million. Ok, better than over a billion, but still one huge crowd to try to be heard. More terms will be needed.

What about a review site? Surely that will help. What about a way to talk about the top opportunities? How many of these are out there? The term “Top Home Business” brings back 1,310,000,000 results and “Home Business Reviews” 627,000,000 results. Wow! That’s huge and huge. Way too much noise there. Gonna have to think better.

Legal? Legitimate? That’s it! After all, no one wants to join a fly-by-night opportunity. Being legitimate is very important. Searcher are bound to want to find that. Search volume for “Legitimate Home Based Business”? Turns out, that is a bit low at 4,400 globally. Hmm…might work. Search results? 15,8000,000. Yelp! That is a really bad ratio. So much for legitimate.

Google Adwords does have a suggestion: Legitimate Home Based Businesses and it has a thousand more searches a month. Clicking the link brings bad, but less bad, news: 5,320,000 results. The ratio is better, but that is still some serious competition. Might be on the right track though.

Do you believe in your business opportunity? Do you believe it is the best? Does it have duplication? Does it allow owners to carbon copy the masters of your opportunity? Does it have residual income? Will adding all that help? What are the results for something like “Best Legitimate Home Based Business Carbon Copy Residual”? Well, no searches and no competition, but 33,600 results. Hmmm…that really will not help much.

So goes the art of finding proper keywords. Here a blog site can help as different posts can contain different key words, all focused on a single overall topic. This is also a technique used by Google sniping sites. Start with promising key words, build content around each, then use the less expensive adwords to pay-per-click.