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The iPhone Sucks

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The iPhone was a great revolution. It not only had a touch screen and allowed applications, but it also had a real Safari browser. The fanboys went nuts! Safari on a phone! A phone based on OS X! Awesome!

The applause started to die down once people tried to use websites with the browser on the iPhone. It was annoying. The users had to pinch and scroll to see the images and click the links. Website were getting wider as the screens people used were becoming higher resolution. The real estate was vast and designers used every inch. The user experience with the smart phones sucked. That meant stores were losing customers; losing money.

Along came the web based application. It held the data it required local and talked to the store’s server via web services. Now the application could be native and so could the user experience. A customer can download the application from the App Store for free, use it to determine their purchase and send the order to the server securely.

The restaurant chain Chipotle has a great website. Visitors can get food information and create an order. Trying to use it on an iPhone is terrible, but they have an app in the App Store. Once downloaded, customers see a similar experience as the website, but one tailored to the iPhone. Android users also have an application made for their phone. Once the order has been created, the customer can pay for it and send it to a local store based on their location. Makes it very easy for the customer and that means more sales.

Other companies also have their own applications. ProFlowers and 1800Flowers are among them. What about your site? Getting your site mobile ready is easier than you think. Visit and order today.

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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

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LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 21: The ‘QR Code Garden’ at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show on May 21, 2012 in London, England. The prestigious gardening show opens to the general public on May 22, 2012 and features 14 show gardens which range from ‘New English’ design to modern topiary gardens. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

iPhones and Androids are great phones. The have all manner of Internet driven applications, including fully functional browsers. Users can visit websites and look at your content, albeit on a small screen. They pinch and expand and scroll to see your site. The site designed and created on large computer screens. The website that isn’t mobile ready and is not mobile aware. The site that annoys your customers. They leave. You lose sales.

You need to get your site mobile ready. You are losing customers to your competition that is mobile ready. More than half of the users who have a bad mobile experience with a business will not recommend them. Are you in a position to lose so many customers because you are not mobile ready? Get with the times and get your site mobile ready.

And there is more you can have in your adds. No doubt you have seen those funny images called QR codes. Those are easily scanned by modern phones and lead visitors to your website. Oh yeah, the same website that is not mobile ready. The same website that is annoying visitors and causing them to leave. The same website that is losing you money. Get mobile ready.

It is time to have your site overhauled to be mobile ready. It is time to get your own iPhone app, yes one that is yours and is in the iTunes store. It is time to take your business into the 21st century. Mobile ready website. Mobile ready customer experience. Mobile ready sales. The future is now. Get mobile ready.

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