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It Is Coming….

OLDENBURG, GERMANY - MARCH 31:  Rabbi Alina Tr...
OLDENBURG, GERMANY – MARCH 31: Rabbi Alina Treiger uses yad, a special pointer for use with torah scroll texts, as she reads from a torah scroll in the small synagogue on March 31, 2011 in Oldenburg, Germany. Treiger is Germany’s first female rabbi to be ordained in Germany since World War II. Originally from Ukraine, she completed her rabbinical studies at the Abraham Geiger Kolleg in Potsdam and was ordained in Berlin in 2010. She has since taken up her duties to serve the Jewish communities in Oldenburg and Delmenhorst, which are comprised mostly of Russian-speaking Jews from the former Soviet Union that came to Germany after 1989. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)It’s coming!

What’s coming?

It. The Chronicles!

The Chronicles?

Yes, the Chronicles. Not just any Chronicles. It is the Brainmuffin Chronicles!

What’s a Brainmuffin?

What??? What’s a Brainmuffin? A Brainmuffin is stupendous! A Brainmuffin is fantastic! A Brainmuffin is….well a Brainmuffin!

Yep, that’s right. A Direction has finally been discovered. The blog now known as “The Road to the Future” finally gets there. The future has arrived and it is The Brainmuffin Chronicles. This blog, and its companion on YouTube, are going to shape and format the future. It is here. It is now. Get on board and be left crying in your Cheeros. You have one name to remember: Brainmuffin.

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Twenty Years Passing

Twenty years ago, I was in a different place. July 11th in 1992 was on a Saturday. It was a

holding hands - age 10, and age 8
holding hands – age 10, and age 8 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

day when my life changed forever. It was the day I went from single life to married. Twenty years ago today. It is hard to believe it has been that long.

Two decades is quite a time. A new born from 1992 has been through high school. They are old enough to vote. Old enough to die for their country. Old enough to marry.

Two decades is time enough to pursue several dreams. Witness hope and tragedy; happiness and sorrow. Enough time to see dreams realized and lost again.

Two decades. Seemingly short, seemingly long. Some of the time was well spent. Some if it was wasted. All of it was lived.

I do look forward to the next twenty years and not in my marriage alone. Twenty years ago I was a full-time computer developer, content in creating solutions via an electronic means. I had started a bit on my path to entrepreneurship, but it was a side idea.

Now, I rarely develop and do not miss it. Each day, I seek opportunities to empower people. Whether they are employees or small business owners or individuals looking to change their lives. This is where I seek to head during the next twenty years. Time to create solutions through others. Time to show others they have more power and more knowledge in themselves than they realize. Time to let the world see new faces, new leaders.

It is time to move


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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 21:  The 'QR Code Garden...
LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 21: The ‘QR Code Garden’ at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show on May 21, 2012 in London, England. The prestigious gardening show opens to the general public on May 22, 2012 and features 14 show gardens which range from ‘New English’ design to modern topiary gardens. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

iPhones and Androids are great phones. The have all manner of Internet driven applications, including fully functional browsers. Users can visit websites and look at your content, albeit on a small screen. They pinch and expand and scroll to see your site. The site designed and created on large computer screens. The website that isn’t mobile ready and is not mobile aware. The site that annoys your customers. They leave. You lose sales.

You need to get your site mobile ready. You are losing customers to your competition that is mobile ready. More than half of the users who have a bad mobile experience with a business will not recommend them. Are you in a position to lose so many customers because you are not mobile ready? Get with the times and get your site mobile ready.

And there is more you can have in your adds. No doubt you have seen those funny images called QR codes. Those are easily scanned by modern phones and lead visitors to your website. Oh yeah, the same website that is not mobile ready. The same website that is annoying visitors and causing them to leave. The same website that is losing you money. Get mobile ready.

It is time to have your site overhauled to be mobile ready. It is time to get your own iPhone app, yes one that is yours and is in the iTunes store. It is time to take your business into the 21st century. Mobile ready website. Mobile ready customer experience. Mobile ready sales. The future is now. Get mobile ready.

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Don’t Tell Me What You Want!

maybe she is dreaming of better days? --- than...
maybe she is dreaming of better days? — thank you to my girlfriend for being such a patient model! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is heard all too often. I want a new house. I want to be debt free. I want a fancy car. I want to send my kids to a better school. All dreams. Not goals. All daydreams. All wants. No plan. No action. Just wants. Just weak wants. Ugh!

Don’t tell me what you want! I don’t want to hear what you want! Don’t tell me what you want to have or do or see or be or whatever. Wants are useless. Wants are worthless. Get rid of your wants. Drop them. They will only lead you to disappointment and despair.

Get Deeper!

Now, go for a desire. Not some pie-in-the-sky want. Go for what you deeply desire. Define every aspect of it. See it. Feel it. Smell it. Taste it. Now, are you ready to work for it?

If you are not willing to put everything you have into what you desire the most, it is a worthless desire to you. Move on. Find something else.

What are you willing to work for? What are you willing to work harder than you ever have in your life for? What will drive you to push until you have it?

Now that you have the desire, let’s talk.

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Keywords, they suck

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

Keywords. Keywords. Keywords. That’s all I hear from various network marketers. They say to go to Google and use the adword tool. Find keywords. Use them. Work them into your content. Why?

Keywords are like bait. No, not the negative bait and switch. Rather a positive lure to pull an audience to your content. Keywords are how people are searching on content related to yours. Keywords is how search engines like Google and Bing determine what to do with your content. Keywords are what build the path to you.

Doing search for keywords is a good exercise. It let’s you determine your topic and how you style your content. They are how you organize your articles and blogs. Keywords will either lay a path to your content or leave you out in the woods.

Keywords should be specific, yet general enough to pull in more people. Get too specific, too narrow and no one will find you. Get too general, too wide and the noise will overwhelm you. Channel in between and you will pull the right amount with the right mindset. That’s the key.

Keywords are a tool. They are a tool you can use to bring the right audience to your content, whatever that may be. Know your audience. Understand what they use to search. Pull them in and grow your influence.

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Some Say I Am Obsessed

Yes, it is true. There are some, ok not some, nearly many, who say I have a obsession with

Shania Twain
Cover of Shania Twain

Shania Twain. Not in that stalker kind of way, in that fan and “OMG! She is so lovely” manner. Yes, it may be true. And yes, my beautiful too.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I would be reviewing Shania Twain’s song “Today is your day”. This came to me when I was listening to the song. No, truly listening to the song. I realized that it is far more than a feel good song and actually contains the “secret” to success. Holy cow! It was quite the strike of enlightenment. This song encapsulates the way, the path, the steps to success! Yes! I have to blog about it.

That articlehas finally been written. I have no way of knowing if Eileen, I mean Shania, will ever read it. I absolutely love how this song brings the path to song. This is why Shania keeps back up when knocked down. Her parents where killed at the very start of her career journey. At its height, she went through a very painful divorce. Still, she went on. She saw her younger siblings to adulthood. She sees her career now returning. She knows she will win. She knows she has to begin.

There is no telling how a week can go by. Stop wasting time. Start on your path to business success. You deserve to have your desires. IF you have the will to begin. Move.


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Behind Making Today Yours

Shania Twain, live in Wembley, UK
Shania Twain, live in Wembley, UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The more I listen to Shania Twain‘s song “Today is your day” the more I realize the power behind the lyrics. It is far more than a song giving good vibes or the pat on the head “it will be ok” attitude. It is a song about how to make today yours.

So much is this realization taking over my mind, that I am writing a long article on HubPages about the song, breaking down the lyrics. The song shows one must have a plan, have believed and persevere through everything. Only then will today be yours.

Today is not giving to those who wait for it. It is given to those you pursue it will all vigor, never quitting, never giving up, no matter what happens or what comes your way. It is only through total commitment, total believe, total faith, total endurance, total strength, total mind and total effort that today becomes yours.

Grab it and go for it. You can do it.

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Three legs, c’est la vie

Structure du pont Corneille
Structure du pont Corneille (Photo credit: zigazou76)

Life. It seems so complicated and multiple faceted. How can it ever be simple? There are so many parts. What do you mean there are only three? Huh?

Nature is a good teacher. Trees that grow too tall for their roots are toppled by the wind. The forest provides shelter and food for many animals. Organisms have exactly what the need, nothing more and nothing less. Life that thrives in nature has structure, community and purpose. The three legs of life in nature is true for the human as well.

Develop Structure

The unstructured life is a mess. Any small addition event is seen as a crisis. There is nothing to support all what goes on from day to day. The person without structure has problems finishing tasks on time, has a harder time learning new skills and ideas, will continue to be late and lacks any semblance of balance.

Structure is what one uses to produce a life full of completion. Structure must exist for one to fulfill their potential, give meaning and provide satisfaction. Without structure, one will continuously miss the mark.

Consider the well tuned athlete. Is it simple genetics? No. It is strict routine. Not for a day. Not for a year. For many days; many years. Everyday is planned to ensure all portions of the workout and nutrition are met. Everyday is planned so that every minute is used and nothing is wasted. Structure is what creates the well tune athlete.

Community is support

In 1624, John Donne wrote Devotions upon Emergent Occasions. The following lines are from Meditation XVII (written in modern English):

No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thine own
Or of thine friend’s were.
Each man’s death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.

Here Donne illustrates that each of us are better as part of a whole. We feel for one another. We laugh together. We cry together. As part of a community, we have more resources for learning, for teaching, for growing. Being a part of a community gives each of us far more than we have alone.

Community is a key to growth and understanding. Find the community you need to grow the ways you desire. Listen. Learn. Speak. Teach. Grow.

Live a Purpose

Ever wonder why you are? What your purpose in life is? Tired of wondering around in a haze, not knowing where up and down are? The human was designed to have a purpose. You have one.

Purpose gives one’s life direction and dedication. The athlete who has been shaped to run the marathon will never fulfill that goal without purpose. Purpose is what causes the need for structure to appear and the desire to seek community. It is a sense of purpose that keeps one on course when all else has gone by the way. Purpose creates the drive, the desire, the persistence. When one knows and lives their purpose, no obstacle will be seen as too great to overcome. Have purpose. Find purpose.

Use all three legs of your life. You will be complete.

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Passion to Clarity

A 1914 half-sovereign minted in Sydney
A 1914 half-sovereign minted in Sydney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Passion. It keeps you on course. It keeps you moving. It brings action and motivation.

When the going gets tough, passion will keep the you going. Where is it that you are going? What is it you want to do? What does done mean?

Enter clarity.

Clarity is how your target is defined. It allows you to know what you seek, what it feels like, how it smells, how it tastes. Clarity defines what you want.

Knowing what you want in life to such a high level is paramount for success, no matter how you choose to define it. Success has to be personally defined. It cannot be defined by someone else. Success is your goals, your dreams, your aspirations. Know what they are. See them. Feel them. Get very, very clear on them.

Clarity cuts through the fog. It leads to understanding. It guides through the rain. Clarity allows action to be well directed. It pushes passion through all obstacles. While passion is the fuel that drives your engine to success, clarity keeps everything running.

Get crystal clear on your goals. See each step. Fully define what you want. Suppose you want a new car. What model? What color? What options? How much work will you need to do to achieve it? How many calls? How many sales? That is clarity. It is more than just the end goal, it is all the steps in between.

Want to sing at the Apollo theater in Harlem? Don’t settle for performing at the local dinner club. See that goal. See the work. Do the work.

That is what clarity does. It pushes aside all the “can’ts” and “wont’s”. Get clear. See your path. Now go.

Stop! Get out of the way!

BURLINGTON, ND - JUNE 26:  Floodwater nearly c...
(Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Ok, stop! Stop what you are doing! Move over! Be quiet! Yeah, you!

It is time to get real with yourself. You are the reason you do not have success. Yes, you. It is not your circumstances. It is not your lack of education. It is you. It is only you.

Look in the mirror. There you will find the person who is holding you back; there is who is in  your way. There is the obstacle to over come. There is why you don’t have what you want. There is why you don’t succeed.

Yes, it is hard to take. Yes, the journey is unfair. Yes, you have a challenge. Yes, yes, yes.

We get in our own way time after time. We justify to ourselves why we do not have time to do something. We invent excuses why things do not happen. We blame others. We point fingers. We do not take responsibility. Everyone of those actions speaks volumes why we don’t have what we want, don’t have the success, don’t have the lifestyle, don’t have the marriage. All of that. We are the problem.

We are also the solution. You hold the keys to your success. Yes, you. Not some guru on television or the Internet. You and only you. You have to do the work. You have to get the experience. You must obtained the skills. A coach can help guide you, show you direction, point out a weakness. A mentor can show you better ways and better avenues. Only you can take the field. Only you can walk down the road. Your success is your business. It does not belong to someone else. It belongs to you.

See how to get started on your path.

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